S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia

Admissions to 2021

Sorry! Submission of application forms is now closed!

Thank you for completing the application form online. You will hear from the Registrar's department once the forms are short listed. Please wait to hear from us.

At the point of subitting the form, you have accepted and agreed to the following:-

  • I hereby certify that the particulars given above are true and correct. If they are found to be false, wrong or incorrect, I undertake to withdraw the child from S. Thomas' College, should I be requested to do so.
  • I accept that canvassing in any form will lead to the disqualification of this application.
  • I accept that submitting this application form does not guarantee entrance to S. Thomas' College, and that the admission process must follow its course. I will not contact the school office until I receive a feedback from the office.
  • I accept that I will not be able to alter any information after submission, and that I have understood the admission process.
  • I accept that the decision of S.Thomas' College shall be final and conclusive on whether to grant entrance to a child and all matters pertaining thereto and cannot be questioned
  • I accept that this is a computer generated Application Form which does not require a physical signature